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Materials for feedings

Add:Room 2006,Block C,International of MeiDong,GUANG'AN Street,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China
Mr He
Tel :0311 -86040987
Fax :0311 -86662377
E-mail: hblsmy@163.com


   Hebei Lianshuo Co. deals in the feed ingredients at home and abroad.Our company supply stable and rich.The comany hold that good quality makes good market and the rosy prospect depends on the faith. Strict management,continuous improvement,sincere and efficient,and put the quality and life gain a good reputation in the market.What's more,expanding the market give our company a chance to provide the superior products and services.
Our company own  solid economic basis,extensive marketing network and a team of eliets.
Years of the gathered experience,continuous innovation and  honesty win the outstanding reputation for the company.We hope to establish a good cooperation with feed business and materials distribution  domestic and overseas.We believe our partnership will make the company better and better.
   Our company deal in the following areas:lees,chrysanthemum powder,cayenne powder,sesame meal,soya bean meal,peanut meal,penjiang,Kwai meal,maize embryo cake,maize embryo meal,pulp,pomace,hopresidue,hominy feed,cottonseed meal, rapeseed meal,liquor meal,HuaiMi meal,corn flour proteins,calcium ,bone meal,lysine composite protein,molasses,feed oil,etc.
   Our purpose is "Win your trust and support through our honest service. Achieve mutual-benefit and reciprocity. Creat win-win together!"

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